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Farm Mechanization: Common Useful Implements

In Farm Mechanization, a tractor is an inevitable machine that generates power which can be utilized in number of ways. Common set of important implements are a need for a farmer right from tillage to harvesting. Following are the common useful implements/attachments. POWER HARROWS Power Harrows belong […]

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Agricultural Mechanization And Farm Equipment

raditionally, human labour and working animals have carried out the agricultural activities. Mechanised agriculture is the answer to replace the man/animal based labour with an aim to improve production, productivity and profitability in agriculture. It also helps to bring the produce on time and manage inputs with […]

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Useful Tips For Buying A Tractor: Type And Power

modern farmer has a different mission than other citizens of this earth! The modern farmer has to feed the growing population without affecting the ecosystem. Taking into consideration the different types of work a farmer has to undertake, he needs a versatile machine; there is no machine […]

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